All I Know

Keith Sykes 11th album. Released in 2004 by MADJACK Records.



Produced by Keith Sykes

Recorded by Jeff Powell at The Woodshed Recording Studio, Memphis, TN

Overdub recording by Keith Sykes and Jeff Powell

Mixed by Keith Sykes

Mastered by Larry and Kevin Nix and Company

Cover Painting by Susanna Clark

Cover Photography by Steve Roberts

Art Direction and Layout by Christine Hajer

Thanks to Mark McKinney and all at MADJACK Records


  1. Sailor’s Prayer
  2. Baby Took A Limo To Memphis
  3. It Don’t Matter
  4. Monkey River Town Girl
  5. All I Know
  6. A Night Out In Paris
  7. A Long Monday
  8. Hard Luck and Old Dogs
  9. That Ol’ Songwriter
  10. The Devil Is In The Courtyard
  11. Take Me Take Me
  12. Keith Sykes Is Sorry
  13. Once Around Stevensport (instrumental)