Fun Rockin’

Keith Sykes 7th album. Written in Destin, Florida in the spring of 1984 and recorded at Ardent Studios in Memphis that summer and released within a month of completing the recording. John Hampton, drums; Joe Hardy, bass; Jack Holder, background vocals, saxophone and piano; Keith Sykes, guitars and lead vocals, Lynn Jones, harmonica. Produced by Jerene Sykes. Recorded by Joe Hardy and John Hampton.




Special Note

As of this posting, no reviews or features have been found in the archives on this album. I know there are some things about it out there and I hope one day they will turn up, but as of now I can’t put my hands on anything. The one thing I remember most about this record was we pressed a thousand vinyl copies five hundred cassettes and they were sold within a week to ten days. It was the fastest selling record we did on Memphis records. After “Play X Play” just sat there and pretty much tanked, we counted our lucky stars and and didn’t spend anymore time or treasure promoting “Fun Rockin'”. Maybe we should have, but we knew the market well enough to know for a local record this was close to all we could do and just let it rest. Within two years of it’s release I made the decision to leave performing and go into full time writing, producing and publishing, which I did for the next fifteen years. I only played when the money was great or for my own satisfaction. I didn’t record another album until “It’s About Time” in 1992~ks

  1. Say I
  2. Think About Love
  3. Hello Memphis
  4. Do You Want To Go Home, Rubin?
  5. Fun Rockin’
  6. Didn’t I love To
  7. She’s My Girl
  8. You Don’t Say
  9. Tall And Lean
  10. Glowin’ In The Dark