It Don’t Hurt To Flirt

It Don’t Hurt To Flirt

Don't Hurt To Flirt

The fifth album. Recorded in 1981 at Ardent Studios, Memphis. Released in 1982 and features The Revolving Band; John Hampton, drums and background vocals; Mike Brignardello, bass; Mike Crews, electric rhythm and lead guitars, background vocals; Sykes, acoustic and electric rhythm and lead guitars.






Sykes 012

Sykes 013





  1. Hangin’ Around
  2. Don’t Go Away
  3. In Between Lies
  4. In My Hideaway
  5. Love Shines Bright
  6. Secret Life
  7. Tell Me When It’s Over
  8. It Don’t Hurt To Flirt
  9. I Couldn’t Love You Better
  10. Buying A House
  11. Let’s Drink, Let’s Dance, Let’s Rock