5 thoughts on “Welcome to my new site!

  • Love your new set song!!! It’s the best!!! Any thoughts of coming to Cleveland Ohio in the near futute?

    • I’m very sorry I’m this late getting back to you. This site is still all new to me and I’m just finding out how to answer a note someone sends.

      Still, thanks so much for coming by and I hope you’re enjoying the EP. As for coming to Cleveland, I’d love to do it but I don’t have plans as of now. Maybe soon!

      All the best~ks

    • Hey Becky, so sorry I’m this late in getting back to you. This site is still new to me and Im just getting the hang of it.

      But let me say how nice it was to hear from you and I’m delighted you bought the new EP. I hope you’re enjoying it and

      All the best~ks

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